Seven Generations Farm
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Seven Generations Farm is the Homestead and Herbal Farm of Eric & Nicole Zablowsky.

After spending two years traveling the country, volunteering on various farms and visiting a multitude of communities, Eric and Nicole were ready to move back to New England.

Seven Generations Farm is the result.

On the farm we practice permaculture, put up most of our own food, grow herbal remedies, and strive to encourage native habitat. We envision a farm that not only feeds us, but nourishes the soil and our souls. We are currently focusing on converting our fields into bountiful food forests. We are looking to improve soil structure and introduce native plant species back onto the land. We are leaning heavily towards perennial gardens and an ongoing goal of limited soil disturbance.

We are learning each and every day.



Eric is passionate about local food and economy, as well as “closing the loop.” He is certified in Permaculture Design through Village Roots Permaculture in Alstead, New Hampshire. He can most often be found in the garden, working in the shop, playing the banjo, practicing Muai Thai, or roaming in nature.

He is available for permaculture design consultation.



Nicole has spent many years among the plants, but was most radically drawn to them in the middle of 2012. She has been a Registered Nurse for 10 years, but most enjoys working with people in the realm of plants. She can most often be found in the garden, cooking, sewing or knitting, or with the plants.

She is available for private herbal consultation.

The homestead

Alstead Hill Road

Gilsum, New Hampshire, 03448


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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, to order any items, or to schedule a visit. We would love to hear from you.


Nicole and Eric

Seven Generations Farm

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